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Sustainable Equity (ESG)

EAM Sustainable Equity fact sheet 12.31.2022

  • Empirical noticed this trend early on and has one of the longest track records in the sustainable (ESG) space.
  • Where most ESG portfolios are technology funds in disguise, Empirical's investment process eliminates many companies due to our ESG screening. Most ESG funds have heavy exposure (more than 20% on average) to technology
  • Only 8 out of 1,400 positions that have been in the portfolio since inception (1/1/2014) have been FANG+ stocks
  • EAM performs both exclusionary screening to get rid of the bad ESG actors and an inclusionary screening to find the best of the good ESG actors remaining
  • ESG screening controls risk not return, and mainly:
    • Headline risk
    • Credit risk
  • EAM Sustainable Equity is a great diversifier for holdings in these other ESG solution
  • With its outperformance of the S&P 500, it’s low risk profile with a Beta of .84* and its sizeable Alpha north of 3%* EAM Sustainable Equity is a great Large Cap solution regardless of it’s favorable ESG nature*

EAM Sustainable Equity fact sheet 12.31.2022

*Since inception 1/1/2014

*as of 12/31/2020

Corporate Knights ESG Screening Methodology for EAM

ESG Sustainable Equity 4-Part Solution