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AI Portfolios

"Over the next 20 years, Clinton argues, the market will shift from active and index investing to AI-powered strategies." - Eric J. Savitz (Barron's)

“Everyone seems to know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computing power are much better suited than humans for building successful investment portfolios considering the vast amounts of data involved, the analysis of that data that needs to be performed, and the fact that, unlike humans, AI is not subject to making emotional mistakes.” - Glenn Caldicott, Chief Investment Officer, Empirical Asset Management

The Empirical Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven portfolios utilize the Trefis thinkHub platform to do the work of many analysts. thinkHub is a Learning AI system that involves multiple servers running thousands of algorithms on a scheduled basis, to analyze mountains of financial data. Trefis began building thinkHub’s investment modeling capability in 2019 putting them several years ahead of the competition. Adding servers, additional data, and more algorithms will stretch the lead even further. The system works 24/7/365 strengthening its capability every day.

If you would like to learn more about these portfolios contact Empirical's CIO, Glenn Caldicott at gcaldicott@empiricalam.com or 508-789-2100.

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