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Asset Allocation is driven by our Rules Based Investing® philosophy and is designed to meet a broad range of investment objectives and risk tolerances. The series consists of five models, with risk decreasing as equity exposure is reduced as we move from aggressive to more conservative models. Each model has a focus on risk management and delivers: diversification both across and within asset classes, combination of active and passive management, precision asset allocation through targeted ETF holdings, periodic rebalancing to enhance returns and manage risk, and a tax conscious approach utilizing ETF investing and tax-sensitive rebalancing.
All Cap Equity is a highly disciplined approach to investing in the U.S. equity markets. The strategy is actively managed using our RBI philosophy. This process eliminates human bias often present in other equity strategies.
Equity Income follows a disciplined approach to investing in firms with both high dividend yields and high quality financials. Dividends: growing dividends are an indication of an increase in a firm’s cash flows. Quality: high quality firms tend to be market leaders with strong financials that are generally less affected by market fluctuations. Assessment includes credit quality, cash flow mechanics, legal, regulatory, operational, and counterparty risks. The portfolio comprises 15 stocks at equal initial weights.
Sustainable Equity is a rules based approach to investing in U.S. companies in a large cap index that demonstrate management focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability factors, as well as fundamental financial factors associated with alpha generation. Sustainable Equity seeks to generate competitive, risk-adjusted returns for investors who want their investment portfolio to reflect their values and have a positive impact on society.
Hedged Strategies For more information on Empircal Asset Management’s hedged strategies and to discuss suitability, please contact Bill Davis at
or call at 781-431-2237.

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