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Guided by Common Sense and Transparency

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Empirical Asset Management, LLC, is an independent investment management firm serving individuals, families, and institutions. We are registered with the SEC, and based in Newton, MA, a suburb of Boston. Empirical was founded on principles of common sense and transparency and the belief that the best investment strategies are often the ones guided by simple sets of rules and the conviction to stick to them. We call this Rules Based Investing®, and it guides our investment philosophy.

Empirical’s history pre-dates the formation of our company. Our founding partner, Mark Fiskio first applied Rules Based Investing® philosophy to client assets in 1994, and although our company wasn’t founded until 2010, several of our strategies began as early as January 2007. In addition to offering proprietary strategies which cover a broad range of asset classes, investment objectives and risk profiles, Empirical also acts as a manager of managers in some cases, incorporating outside strategies into client portfolios in order to offer prudent diversification and exposure to a full range of asset classes.

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Investment Philosophy contains more information regarding out investment strategies.